Waves No. 1

Monday, June 7, 2010
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Waves are all the rage these days and I want ‘em. So, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to create easy, not-so-fussy curls. One take is the blow dry set. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Dry your bangs if you have them, then rough/shake dry your hair until it’s almost dry – about 85-90%.
  2. Starting on the top, round brush a section, then (while it’s still hot) wrap it around into a large loop and pin.
  3. Keep working down your head, wrapping each section into large, loose loops and pin.
  4. When you’ve finished, spray.                                
  5. Let it cool completely, then let it down. The result? Loose curls that don't leave you looking like you spent the morning with a curling iron.                                                                                                            
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1 Response

  1. You remind me of my mom she was a cosmetologist for about 30 years total owning her own shop like 20 or so years. She loved to “Teach” and a format like facebook would have been right up her alley.
    BTW, Lookin’ Good! lol

    Jeff Stanley
  2. […] Optionally, if you have a bit more time and want a stronger wave, try a round brush set. After step 2, release the curl from the brush and then quickly roll it up using your fingers. Clip to the scalp with a pin curl clip or two, apply hairspray, and allow it to cool completely. Remove the clips and run your fingers through your hair to break up the waves, if necessary. A full round brush set tutorial can be found here. […]

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