Know Your Base

Sunday, January 9, 2011
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After my last post about curls, a reader requested that I further explain what I mean by “on base,” “half-off base,” and “off base.”  I’m happy to oblige. Hopefully this post will make it all clear.

The base of your curl is exactly what it implies – the area at the scalp from which the curl originates. In my last demo, the bases are all rectangular, but you can make them other shapes as well. Triangular, square, and crescent shapes are also common. Base control refers to the placement of the curl in relation to its base. This is more easily demonstrated visually so I drew you a picture.



















Make sense?

Ok, so how you roll your curl will determine the base control.












If you hold the strand you intend to curl at 45 degrees beyond the base and then roll down, your curl will land on its base, or “on base.” This placement will create the maximum amount of volume.













If you hold the strand 90 degrees from its base and then roll, your curl will end up “half-off base.” This will give you a moderate amount of volume.












If you hold the strand at a 45 degree angle in front of its base and then roll, your curl will end up “off base.” This option will create the least amount of volume.

Now that you understand a little bit about base control, you will better be able to design your curls the way you like them. For example, maybe you think curls look to poofy on you. Perhaps you’ve been rolling them on base and unknowingly giving yourself more volume than you want? Try them off base and you might love your hair curled. Knowledge is power, ladies.

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  1. Thank you so much for the explanation. These are things that I never even considered when curling my hair. [sigh of relief] Maybe now I will stand a better chance of having more good hair days than bad!

  2. […] 3. Divide the nape section, spritz with hairspray, and roll the hair under all the way up to the scalp and secure with a roller clip. (Remember your base control!) […]

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