Sew Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
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As you probably noticed, Chicago (along with half the country) was pummeled with two feet of snow last week. The city pretty much shut down for a couple days to dig out. I was cooped up in the house and decided it was the perfect excuse to get my craft on.

A couple years ago, I saw some super cute and fashionable stylist aprons at a beauty trade show. I really wanted one but couldn’t justify the expense. A couple weeks ago, I thought of them again and decided make one.

Salon aprons usually come one size fits all which never fit me well at all. The best part of this project is that it can be tailored specifically for you. If you are a stylist, make one of these for work. If you aren’t a stylist make one in a cheerful, patterned fabric to use in your kitchen or while crafting.

Get the how-to after the jump.

DIY Stylist Apron


Paper for creating the pattern – craft paper, opened paper bags, newsprint, or you can do what I did and steal paper from your kid's art easel

1 yard of fabric – I used a black shiny polyester but I was thinking about how great it would be to use recycled old capes!

About 3 yards of ¾ “ ribbon

1 sew on snap

1 cute button

Thread in corresponding color(s)

1. Wash and dry your fabric!

2.       Fold an existing apron in half trace a pattern.  Then use your body to modify the pattern larger or smaller to fit. Cut it out. My pattern was 4” wide at the top, 10” wide at the bottom and 26” long.

3.       Measure the width of your pattern and double it to get the width of the apron. Now cut a rectangle roughly double the width and 5” tall. (Mine was 40” x 5”) Round the edges as shown. This will be your ruffle and it is, therefore, totally optional.

4.       Your final piece of the pattern is for a pocket. Again, you can customize this but I made mine 12 wide x 6” high.

5.       Fold your fabric (right sides facing), pin on your pattern (long straight edge on the fold) and cut out leaving a ½” border. Repeat so that you have 2 main apron pieces.

6.       Cut out two pieces of fabric for both the other pattern pieces leaving a ½ inch seam. I put the bottom of my pocket piece on a fold prior to cutting.

7.       Pin the right sides of your two ruffle pieces together and stitch a ½ inch seam all the way around the curved edge. Turn and press.

8.       Put in a basting stitch along the straight edge of your ruffle piece and then pull to make your ruffles.

9.       Stitch together the top edge of the pocket (and bottom edge if not on a fold) with a ½ inch seam. Turn and press. Fold in the outer edges of the pocket. Press. Pin.

10.   Sew down the top edge with two rows of stitching at about ¼” and ½ “. Fold the pocket and half to establish a center seam. Sew down the center to create a 2 compartment pocket.

11.   Pin your ruffle to the bottom edge of the RIGHT side of one of your apron pieces.

12.   Guesstimate the length of the ribbon. You will need two straps that will tie in back and one to go around your neck. It’s best to go longer than necessary. You can always cut them down later. Pin them in place – also to the right side of the same apron piece you pinned the ruffle to. Be sure to have the ribbons facing IN, towards the center of the apron.

13.   Pin the second apron piece on top of the first, right sides facing. The ruffle and the ribbons should be INSIDE the apron “sandwich.”

14.   Sew all the way around leaving on arm area open for turning. Use a ½ inch seam allowance until you get to the bottom, where the ruffle starts. Gradually shift to a 1” seam for the entire length of the ruffle. Turn, press.

15.   Fold in the seam at the arm you left open. Press and pin.

16.   Sew all the way around the entire apron ¼ inch from the edge.

17.   Optional step: Sew all the way around the bottom of your ruffle 1/4 inch from the edge.

18.   Pin on your pocket. Sew the sides and bottom using a 1/4 inch seam and then sew up the center to create your 2-compartment pocket.

19.   Try the apron on. Mark where you want your straps (ribbons) to end and where to place the snap.

20.   Finish your ribbons by folding twice and sewing.

21.   Sew on the snap with one side of snap on the ribbon, the other on the inside of the apron.

22.   You’ll notice that this leaves stitching on the outside of your pretty apron. Cover that stitching with a cool button. Check out this beauty I inherited from my grandma’s stash.

23.   Put your apron on and get to work (in style, of course…)

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