Q & A Air Drying Thick Unruly Hair

Monday, March 7, 2011
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Question: I have thick wavy/curly hair that is prone to frizziness. How do I air dry my hair as I don’t have the time (45 minutes minimum to blow dry) or the patience to blow dry it? When wash my hair, I usually wear it back most of the day so it takes all day for it to dry completely. And I live in a rainy climate. Help me have pretty hair! Thank you!

Answer: First of all I do not recommend tying your hair up wet for a couple of reasons.
1. Water breaks all of the hydrogen bonds in your hair, which accounts for 1/3 of its strength. Tying it up in this fragile state increases the chance of breakage.
2. Damp, warm conditions are ideal for the growth of bacteria that is harmful to both your hair and scalp.

Please dry your hair whenever possible. Ask your stylist to remove a lot of weight from your hair at your next cut. Invest in a microfiber hair towel to absorb the maximum amount of moisture. Then apply a product that reduces the drying time like Paul Mitchell’s Quick Slip or Round Trip. Next apply a good anti-frizz product like Redken’s Outshine or L'Oreal Professionel’s Shine Perfection Anti-frizz Serum.

If you want to wear your hair wavy or curly just leave it down and let I air dry. To speed up the process, use a diffuser attachment on your dryer. When it’s dry, use a finishing product like L'Oreal Professional’s Lumi Controle to smooth, separate, and define curls.

If you want to wear your hair straight, rough dry (without a brush) until your hair is about 90% dry. Finish drying with a styling brush. You could also rough dry until your hair is completely dry and then pass a flat iron over it to smooth. (I would prefer you not do this regularly. Flat irons are great tools but over-use leads to breakage.) If you absolutely can’t dry it, leave it down and let it air dry. Then brush with a boar bristle brush to smooth the cuticle. At this point, you can tie it up or braid it as a means of taming it. When you let it back down later it should be more behaved.

Remember, there is no law that says this all has to be done continuously. If you are a mom and have other obligations, dry your hair a couple minutes then tend to your child. Come back to it when you can. Eventually, you’ll get there.

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  1. Thanks for the fabulous tips :O)

    Pat Pinney
  2. No problem! Thanks for reading, Patty!


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