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Monday, April 4, 2011
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A while ago, I did a tutorial on how to do a quick round brush blow dry. But maybe you’re the type of gal who’s into a slightly less bouncy look. Maybe you fancy yourself a little more rock-n-roll. Or maybe your hair is just too short to deal with a round brush.

Whatever the reason, if you are anti-round brush but don't want to look completely undone, the wrap dry may be your answer. The technique, which works best with short to medium length hair, is as simple as it sounds. You simply wrap the hair around the head as you blow dry using a styling brush or a paddle brush.

DIY Wrap Dry

1. Apply some product to your hair and rough/shake dry until it’s about 80% dry.

2. If you have fringe, start there. Using a styling brush or a paddle brush, wrap hair across your forehead and follow with your dryer. Wrap in both directions – from left to right and right to left - alternating every few seconds. (Note: If your hair has a little wave to it, don't be afraid to use a brush with boar bristles to help add tension, straighten, and smooth.)

3. Clip up the top half of your hair. Wrap dry the nape area in the same manner – wrapping in both directions. (Note: Wrap in a downward diagonal for less volume, horizontally for moderate volume, or in an upward diagonal for more volume.)

4. Let down the clip and continue to dry the hair at the crown in the same manner.

5. When you get to the front, wrap the hair over the top of the head for a little volume. (Wrap lower if you don’t want volume.)

6. The hair directly over the ear can be wrapped around to the back of the head or you can place your brush in the section, turn and dry in an arching down motion.

7. When the hair is completely dry, use your fingers or brush it down into place.

8. Optional: Add a little texturizing product to funk it up a bit or a little shine spray to add, uh… shine. Here I am opting for texture.

Don't get it? Here's a short video of the technique. My hair is almost completely dry at the start of this clip.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! My stylist showed me how to do this kind of blow dry when I got my hair trimmed recently, but of course I couldn’t remember everything she said when I wanted to do it myself. You’re a lifesaver! :)


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