Braided Bands

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
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Everywhere I look these days, I see someone with a cute little braid in their hair. Adding a French braid across the front of your head or a leading down to a ponytail is a really easy way to add a little sass to your style. Remember the style is loose and easy like Sunday morning. It doesn't need to be perfect or super tight and clean.

If you don’t know how to French braid, you’ll need to learn that first. Remember it is easiest to work on hair that isn't super clean, so be sure to add some product if you've just showered.

1. Take a section where you want your braid to originate and divide that into 3 sections.

2. Take the section on the right and cross it over the middle section.

3. Take the section on the left and cross it over the middle section.

4. Add a small amount of hair from the right to the section on the right and cross it over the middle. Then add a small amount of hair from the left to the left section and cross it over the middle.

5. Repeat until you run out of hair to add.

6. Continue to braid the three strands to desired length and tie off with a band.

Now, adding a front braid or braid headband is as simple as sectioning the area you want to braid and French braiding it. It’s a little awkward when you start the braid, but stick with it. It gets easier. Or find a friend to help you.

1. Section.

2. French braid.

3. Braid to desired length and tie.

4. Feel cuter almost instantly.

Tip! Starting at a side part and braiding the across the heavier side like this is bit easier than doing a full headband.

Tip! You can make reverse the braid by folding the hair under instead of over the middle section each time. It's also cute to pin the braid behind your ear. Both of these ideas make the braid look more like a headband.

Tip! If you just feel like french braiding your own hair is too hard but you like the look, just do a simple twist instead. Start with a small section at the origin. Twist away from your face. Working down, add small sections and keep twisting. Keep it loose and unfussy.

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5 Responses

  1. i felt cuter almost instantly just looking at the photos! xo.

    michael seales
  2. Love this! I’ve never been able to braid my hair with even a simple braid – loving the front braid!

  3. Thanks, Michael and Laura!

  4. wow I am gonna try this’s really pretty..


    Dipti A.C
  5. Thank you for this tip! I Always wonder how girls made themself braid. :)

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