Q and A * Hairstyles for Thick, Coarse, Wavy Hair

Monday, August 1, 2011
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Question: I have extremely thick, coarse hair that has kicks and waves in some places but is by no means uniform. I've had short hair but I'm not interested in having my hair pixie-short right now. What kind of cut should I ask for? (My hair is currently at my shoulders, stacked in the back--a bit like yours.) If I flat-iron my hair EVERY DAY, it looks nice, smooth, and sleek, but otherwise, I look like a crazed woman. Any advice?

It's hard to say without seeing you in person. There are many factors to consider including your face shape and your personal style. In general, however, I usually recommend longer hair for people with your hair type. Thick, coarse hair needs some length to weigh down all those "kicks and waves." Blow drying this type of hair straight every time you shampoo is pretty challenging and time consuming. Regular flat ironing is really damaging. For that reason, I'd request a cut that will work with and enhance your natural texture.

While you are growing your hair a bit longer, I'd probably suggest a trim and texturizing to remove weight and encourage wave. I'd get a great anti-frizz, curl enhancing product to scrunch in and then let your hair air dry. Ask your stylist for styling tips and product recommendations.

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  1. what is the best flat iron for thick coarse hair and what product should i use with it


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