Texture Technique

Monday, August 22, 2011
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Here's another super easy way to add some texture to your hair. This method creates a unique, subtle wave. Wear it down for a "I've been hanging at the beach" look or use it as a great base for an updo.

This technique uses braids to create wave. You can either braid your hair while it's still just a touch damp and wait for it to air dry, or you can use a flat iron like I'm doing here.

1. Add a texturizing product and a heat protectant if you'll be using a flat iron.

2. Braid your hair in several small braids. The smaller the braid the tighter the wave pattern.

3. Run the flat iron over the braid 2-3 times slowly.

4. Spray with hairspray and let cool completely.

5. Take it down and rock your new look or style your updo.

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