Styling Ideas for Short Hair

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
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One of my clients recently asked me for suggestions on how to change up her shorter hairstyle for some upcoming events. (Psst Erin! If you are reading, this post is for you!) If you aren't used to having shorter hair, it can be a challenge to learn how to "do" it. Like any other girl, you've got places to go and want to feel a little fancy once in a while. So, I've come up with 4 ideas for you. I've done these on a mannequin with a short graduated bob but they can easily be done on hair even shorter.

Now, I know some of you will complain that I did these on a mannequin but I promise they are all fairly easy to do on yourself. The reasons I'm not working on myself are 1) my hair is not short and 2) most of these require the hair to be styled up off the face. The latter is not something I ever do, ever. I have a gigantic forehead and it's just not cute.

Get the how-tos after the jump.

Short Hairstyle #1 - The Bump

This is no Snooki bump. This small, intentionally messy lift is an easy going way of saying "Hey, I'm a little rock and roll and I need my hair out of my face." The bump looks great with a ponytail for all you long-haired ladies.

1. Section a half-circle section above your forehead from recession to recession.

2. Divide the section into two, cross them, and push them forward a bit.

3. Secure with two crossed pins. Use a rat tail comb to pull out a few pieces if you prefer the messy look. Spray with hairspray.

Next up: Front Twist

Short Hairstyle #2 - Front Twist

I've been seeing twists a lot this season. It's easier than a french braid with a similar effect. And because you are picking up hair as you go, it's easy to put a twist in shorter hair.

1. Part your hair on the side. Pick up a section at the part on the heavier side and divide it into two.

2. Cross the piece closer to your face over the other piece.

3. Take a small amount of hair from underneath (like you would french braiding), add it to the section on the bottom and then cross it over the top of the other section.

4. Keep working in this manner across the top of your forehead. When you get to the recession, just twist the remaining hair without pick up any from underneath.

5. Secure with two crossed pins and cover with the section above.

Next Up: Sleek & Sexy

Short Hairstyle #3 - Sleek & Sexy

This style is great for a dressier affair. It's super easy to do with the right products. I've used some sparkly hair combs but a couple long barrettes or a pretty embellished headband would work just as well.

1. Mist hair with a spray bottle to dampen just slightly. Apply a strong hold product like a gel or pomade and use a comb to smooth hair back.

2. Place combs. Spray with hairspray.

Next Up: Finger Waves

Short Hairstyle #4 - Finger Waves

I'm not gonna lie, finger waves are a little tough to master but with a little practice and enough product, you'll get the hang of it. It's such a cool retro look, it's worth the effort. If there is enough interest, I'll do a video so make some noise if you like this look and need further instruction.

1. Wet the front of your hair with a spray bottle and apply a generous amount of gel or a sticky wax or pomade.

2. Use your fingers and a comb to form the waves. Clip with duckbill clips and let dry completely. WARNING: Drying will take a while. It's best to set waves early in the day to allow for drying time. If you have a hood dryer or access to one, use it.

3. Remove the clips. Leave as is if you prefer a more defined look. Otherwise, brush out the waves to soften. Spray with hairspray.

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6 Responses

  1. Raising my hand for a video on the finger waves.

  2. VIDEO! Yes, please!

  3. Thanks, Sonya! I tried the front bump a few weeks ago for an event and think I needed more hairspray and a fine-toothed comb. I’ll try the front twist this weekend for a wedding :)

    Erin Leslie
  4. Erin – I can’t emphasize enough the need for dirty hair! If your hair is too clean, most updo or styling will be hard to do and will fall right out. A good texture spray is a great way to add some grit to prep for styling. And then, yes, follow with hairspray!

  5. Please please please post a tut on finger waves!

  6. The front twist is great. I should try that. I never know what to do with the front of my hair. I tend to just grab it all, pull it to the side, and secure it. Boring :)

    Lisa Brown

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