Knotted Buns

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
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I've had a couple requests on how to create the two updos above. Both were similarly constructed but one is high and somewhat clean, the other is low and intentionally messy.

The process is incredibly simple. The hair is tied into knots and then wrapped into a bun. Get the full how-to after the jump.

Knotted Bun Tutorial

1. Start by placing your hair in a ponytail wherever you want your bun to be.

2. Section your hair into two to four sections. For longer hair, two sections should be plenty. Because my hair is shorter and thin, I created 4 sections.

3. Apply a generous amount of pomade or wax to one section, split it into two and tie it in a knot. Then tie it again and again until there is no hair left to tie. (Look at the photo in my header for a clearer image of what I mean.)

4. Wrap the section around the ponytail and pin.

5. Repeat with the remaining one to three sections.

6. Check the mirror and make adjustments as necessary.

If you want a larger bun, try teasing each section before you tie it. If you want a cleaner bun, add more product and make sure each section is smooth before you tie them. Be sure to send me a picture if you try this one!

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16 Responses

  1. Fantastic!! Thank you so much!! Loving these and I know my friends are too!!

  2. Just did this! Amazing! Will post picture before end of week!

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait to see it, Goldie!

  4. Man! I just cut my hair! Oh well. Pinning this for when it’s long enough. 😉

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this…gonna try – then I will send a pic ; )
    P.S. your new tat looks fab in the pics

  6. Ha! That’s why I’m wearing a loose tee. The one on my shoulder was still sore.

  7. Thanks for posting something so cool! I live in the bun. Every. Day. :( I may be able to do this. I need this to save me. But! Tried and can’t get my hair to stay. Is there an obvious step missing, like, to put another hair band on top of the knots? Or, if not, how do you make it stay and not unwind? I did without product, is that the problem?

  8. YES! I can not express enough the importance of product when doing any updo. This one especially needs smoothing if you are going to be able to knot it effectively. If it helps you can certainly add a small hair band at the end of the knots but you shouldn’t need too if you have enough product and lots of bobby pins. Try crossing the pins and weaving them in for better hold.

  9. It’s up on Prudent Baby!

  10. love this style! just put it up so quick so easy so lovely. Finally a way to get a decent messy bun without for my layered hair with out a gazillion bobby pins! thank you thank you thank you!

    Emily G.
  11. Emily, please send me a picture if you can! I’d love to see it!

  12. Wow – I did it! A rushed job with limited bobby pins and two manic kids in the bath but it still worked! Found this through Prudent Baby so thanks Jacinda and thanks Sonya!

  13. I dont get how to tie the knot in my hair?

  14. Take two strands of hair in your hands and tie them just like you would a shoelace. Pull tight and tie again. Like the overhand knot in this image:

  15. Now I understand how to do the bun. Thank you for the tutorial.

    Lisa Brown
  16. I added a few random strands of braids and it turned out into a really cute messy knotted braided bun! 😀 thanks so much for the tutorial!


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