Halloween Hair and Makeup

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
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Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's really a cosmetologist/crafter's dream. I love making costumes, I love wigs, I love painting faces, I love dressing up, and I love getting creative with hair. Here are some great examples of costumes that are defined by hair and makeup.

Photo by Emma Marie.

I love the show Mad Men if for no other reason, for the hair. The styles don't get more chic (or fussy) than they were in the late 60s. And the dresses are pretty rad too.

Photo by Paul Ewen.

Zombies are really enjoying their day in the sun, especially after the ridiculously awesome show Waking Dead debuted. Get yourself some tattered duds and show off your artistic skills with an undead makeup job like this one.

Photo by Ashley Smith.

Everyone loves a pinup girl. This retro look is so sexy and sassy. My husband's cousin (shown here) is nailing the look. Her hair is perfect.

Photo by Kristen Heath.

It's hard to get creepier than the Heath Ledger version of the Joker. And who doesn't want to look menacing on Halloween night?

Photo by There's No Way Home.

Justin Bieber's famous hairdo is so easy and fun to spoof. Looks like this gentleman is using a wig but if your hair is the right length, just swoop it forward.

Photo by John Miles.

The Mexican Day of the Dead traditional garb makes for an amazing halloween costume. I've seen lots of fantastic makeup jobs on the web (search Pinterest!) and here's one of them.

Photo by Mario Segovia.

By far the most hilarious hairstyles are found on the show Jersey Shore. And of the cast, Pauly D and Snooki have got to be the King and Queen of ridiculous hair. Bump it up to be Snooki or gel your hair up to be Pauly D. Both costumes will need a spray tan!

Other ideas to show off some mad cosmetology skills include The Black Swan, Amy Winehouse, Poison Ivy from the new Batman Movies, Marilyn Monroe, Nicki Minaj, 1920's flappers, etc. If you do any of these or other costumes that showcase hair and/or makeup, please send me a picture. Hope you have a happy, creative, fun Halloween 2011!

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