More Fun With Knots

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
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I've been seeing a lot of super cute hairstyles involving knots since I posted my knotted bun tutorial. These two styles were inspired by pictures I've seen in hair magazines and on Pinterest. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, you should check it out. It's a virtual pinboard of images and the source of endless inspiration. You can follow my Parlor boards here.

Half-up Side Knots
This simple but fun style would be perfect for a holiday party or other festive occasion.

1. Start by putting some curl in your hair using any of my loose wave techniques. This one would work great.

2. Gather the hair on the side of your head, above your temple and divide into two pieces. Smooth with pomade.

3. Fold the two sections into a knot. Then knot again. Tie with a band and pin down, if necessary.

Side Knot Pony (featuring my beautiful co-worker, Jayme)
Looking for another fun way to dress up a pony? Here's a super easy solution.

1. Gather the hair on the side of your head. Divide into two sections. Smooth with pomade, tie into a knot, and tie with a rubber band.

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  1. I love the side pony knot! So cute :)

    Lisa Brown

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