Holiday Hair

Monday, December 12, 2011
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Got a holiday party coming up and want to look fab? This high bun is sure to make you look and feel chic and beautiful. It's surprisingly easy, too.

Get the how-to after the jump.

Holiday High Bun

1. Start by putting a ponytail on the top of your head. Smooth the hair into a sleek pony using pomade or wax and boar bristle brush.

2. Divide the ponytail into 4 equal sections and clip them.

3. Start with one of the sections and backcomb it for volume, if necessary. To backcomb, spray the section with hairspray then drag a comb from the ends of the section toward the roots.

4. Use a comb to smooth the top of the backcombed section and then roll it from the ends down toward your head.

5. Pin the rolled section into place.

6. Repeat this process with the remaining 3 sections.

7. Spread the rolled and pinned sections apart to join them and pin the sections together.

8. Spray. A lot. Especially anywhere you see flyaways.

9. Follow up with the scotch tape cat-eye tutorial as demonstrated by Jaime of Prudent Baby and red lipstick. Go forth and be merry.

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4 Responses

  1. What would I do without you?? Thanks again for another great (and quick!) do that even us stay at home mums can manage. :)

  2. Thank you!! If you try this, PLEASE send me a picture!

  3. I like very much your bun!. It´s very pretty and elegant!.

  4. Love this – thanks, Sonya!
    I’m going to try rockin’ it tonight for a fancy schmancy dinner ; )


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