Faux Bob

Thursday, February 16, 2012
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Ever wonder how some celebs rock a bob one day and long hair the next? Well, sometimes the bob isn't really a bob at all. Their hair is just styled to appear shorter. It is a great, non-committal way to change up your look and it's surprisingly easy. Here's how to do it.

1. Section your hair horizontally from the top of the ear to top of the ear and clip top section out of the way.

2. Roll the bottom section from the ends to the scalp and pin down to secure.

3. Release the top section, curl large sections with a curling iron and pin the curls to set. Spray with hairspray.

4. Once cooled, take the curls down. Arrange them any way you like and pin to the form in back, leaving some short layers in front out to hang loosely, if desired. Enjoy your new shorter look!

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  1. That is so creative. A look I will have to try. Thank you :)

    Lisa Brown

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