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Thursday, March 1, 2012
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I'm back with a list of my new favorite products. Hope you'll give some of these must-haves a try!

The Kate Collection Rimmel Lipstick. Kate as in Kate Moss! Got this tip from my friend Nico. The colors are all gorgeous especially the red, which is to die for. And, as Nico put it, at $5 a pop, why not buy them all?

Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eyeliner. I like to line my eyes with powder for a softer look but I find that I have a hard time getting it to stay put. I usually need a touch up at some point in the day but carrying around shadow and a makeup brush to apply it is a bit of a pain. This powder liner comes with and ingenious applicator making it ultra easy to throw in your purse. Additionally, the shadow itself is nice and rich with lots of pigment.

Oribe Gel Serum. I'm in love with this subtly sparkly, repairing multi-purpose product. It's a gel when you use it on dry hair, a serum when you use it on wet. They say it gives a blow out "confidence" and I think that's the perfect description. I've been using it on all hair types with wonderful results. It helps wavy hair lay straight as well as it helps fine hair hold volume. Gel Serum is magic.

Body Scrubbing Bath Towels. I'm addicted to these rough scrubby towels I get at the Asian market. They are long and thin, making them perfect for washing your back and they are great for exfoliating any dry or dull areas. And look how cute this one is that I found at my local shop (Joong Boo Market)! I'm digging the rainbow handles.

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara. So, my husband's cousin Laura is friends with Elaine Irwin (name dropping!), supermodel and the current face of Almay. I've met her a couple times myself and she is just lovely. Anyway, so Laura told me that Elaine had given her some of this mascara and that it really works. Well, I tried it and it's my new favorite. It works as well as or better than others I've tried and it's hypoallergenic to boot.

Here I am wearing Rimmel's The Kate Collection 01, Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eyeliner and Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara.

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6 Responses

  1. Sonya you look soooo beautiful! really, truly!! I love the mascara tip! My old standby fave is no longer on shelves (that makes me feel old!) and so I am in the market for something new!!
    Love, Taci

  2. Thank you! Just like Chris Rock says, all women need is food, water, and compliments.

  3. i have that mascara! i really like it!

    you are beautiful.

    so i am starting to wear lipstick again and lipliner (instead of my usual swipe of gloss) but i guess i am getting old and wrinkly because the color starts to creep out around my mouth in this weird way, like it’s sinking into my mouth wrinkles. sexy. i heard there’s some product you line the outside of your mouth with to stop this? am i crazy? can you tell me what this is and where to get it?

  4. sonya, i’m so amazed at your lips! beautiful! you are a stunner.
    that kate…

    jaime, the product i use to prevent bleeding is by lipstick queen and it’s called invisible liner:,default,pd.html

    duwop used to make one also, but it was WIDE and unwieldy.
    good luck!

  5. @Jaime – I have a clear liner by Revlon Colorstay.

  6. I have been wanting to try the Almay Dial Up Mascara. The Rimmel Lipsticks are gorgeous. I need #835. Thank you for this post.

    Lisa Brown

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