Half French Braid Tutorial

Sunday, March 18, 2012
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Braids are still really hot and I've been seeing this type of braid a lot lately. This one sided french braid is really pretty and surprisingly easy to create. If you can french braid, you can do this braid and impress all your friends. One side of your braid will be french braided and the other side will be simply braided without incorporating any hair. If you need to learn how to french braid, please view my post on braided hair bands.

1. Start by taking a section by your temple.

2. Divide the hair into three sections.

3. Begin braiding as you normally would, starting with the strand closer to the ceiling.

4. Now, you are going to begin french braiding the strands on the top by incorporating small bits of hair from the crown every time you braid a top section. You are going to braid the bottom without incorporating any hair. Make sense? Add hair from the top of your head every time you braid a section from the top and DO NOT add hair when braiding from the bottom.

5. Keep braiding in this manner across the back of your head, working in diagonally, down toward your opposite ear.

6. When you get to the other side, tie your braid off with a band.

From the front, you have a lovely half-up look.

From the back, you look like you belong on Pinterest.

Note: This will look even better on you girls with lots 'o hair. I do the best I can with what I've got.

Note: I had originally thought this was called a waterfall braid but I was wrong. It happens. Thank you, Meg and Kasey, for the correction.

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7 Responses

  1. It’s a nice style, but it is not a waterfall braid. It is like a lace french braid across the back. Nice tutorial though with great explanations.

  2. just beautiful…that back shot is amazing. i’m doing this today! xo

  3. that isn’t a waterfall braid. waterfall braids involve dropping hair. this is just a one sided french braid.

  4. Love your dress! I’m going to try this

  5. what a pretty look for spring/summer or even a beachside wedding. it looks great with the highlights in your hair. thanks! i’ll be trying this soon

  6. Love that look and it is easy :)

    Lisa Brown
  7. nice braid ! thanks 😀 i would love to try it :)

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