IT Mom Wears Orange Lipstick

Friday, April 13, 2012
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Not on Facebook? Here's what you missed.

1. I was featured as the "IT Mom" this month on the popular blog That's It! Mommy. Read all about me here and be sure to check out the blog for great reviews, giveaways, travel tips and more.

2. A few of you asked if you could pull off Mandarin lipstick or if it would look nice with reds or pinks. Here's a picture of me wearing Smashbox lipstick featured in the giveaway below. I have olive skin and red glasses and I dig it.

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3 Responses

  1. Orange lipstick can be a challenge to wear, but with the right shade, it can look amazing, and it is such a fun color to wear for this spring and summer. You look great in that color.

    Lisa Brown
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  3. love it on you, sonya! you look gorgeous!


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