Waterfall Braid

Friday, May 25, 2012
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A few weeks ago, I posted a tutorial for a half french braid. I originally thought that it was called a waterfall braid but I was mistaken. Turns out it was a happy accident because if you've mastered that style, it will now be easier to understand how to do the waterfall braid. It's easy to execute but a little difficult to explain. I'm using my mannequin for this tutorial because it was impossible to see and follow when I photographed the technique on myself.

Get the how-to after the jump.

Waterfall Braid Tutorial

1. Take a section from just above your temple and divide it into three equal parts.

2. Braid these three strands a couple times to create a foundation.

3. Now, you are going to drop the bottom section and pick up a new section from the hair just underneath the section you dropped. Braid the section you picked up.

4. On the top, you are going to french braid by incorporating hair from the top of your head.

5. Continue in this manner. Drop the bottom sections, pick up new sections to braid, french braid the top. Work diagonally downward toward your opposite ear.

6. When you reach the opposite ear, tie the braid off with a small band.

Hopefully seeing it on the mannequin was helpful. You can always try this on a friend, daughter, sister, or neighbor but you can do this on yourself, too! See the pic of me at the top of this post as proof.

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