Q & A – Spiral Curls

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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Question: My daughter is going to her 12th grade dance. She wants a spiral curl (not too relaxed, so it lasts.) Will the triple barrel iron work for this? Also note she has had extensions put into her hair.

Answer: Before you decide to curl, please double check that your daughter's extensions can be heat styled. Some synthetic hair types can not be ironed and will potentially melt. If they the extensions are made from either human or animal hair, you should be fine.

A triple barrel iron is designed to create waves in the hair. For a spiral curl, I would recommend a clamp iron or a spiral curl iron.

A good clamp iron is a good investment because it is very versatile. For a tighter spiral curl, try an iron with a barrel that is smaller in diameter. One inch or smaller will give you a tighter curl. To create spiral curls, you will need to roll the hair vertically, as I do in this tutorial. However, to keep the curls tighter, do not pull the iron downward as you release the iron or break up the curls. Just simply release the clamp and gently remove the iron to retain the shape of the curl.

To use a spiral curl iron, hold it vertically and wrap the strand around the barrel following the spiral wire around the iron. These are really easy to use but be careful not to burn your fingers! For more tips on choosing an iron, please refer to this post.

Good luck! I hope your daughter has a wonderful time at the dance!

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