How to Apply Hair Chalk

Friday, May 3, 2013
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I am loving hair chalks. They are such a great, fun way to add a  color with zero commitment. They are super easy to apply and then they shampoo right out. They would be fantastic for kids and teens that want to experiment with color and they are fun for adults too. They are perfect for special events. For example, if you walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Chicago on Mothers Day, why not add a pink highlight?

For this tutorial, I'm using Hair Shadow by Chopper's Kisses. I love this hair chalk because of the easy to handle tube. This product will not rub off after it has dried completely (wait 15 minutes). I even slept on it and there was nothing on my pillowcase in the morning. Additionally, it contains macadamia nut oil to keep your locks from drying out and it has the most delicious coconut smell.  For more hair chalk options, visit my roundup on Babble.

Get the tutorial after the jump.

How to Apply Hair Color Chalk


1. Start by sectioning away the top layer of your hair at an angle using your rat-tail comb.

2. Clip that section out of your way.

3. At this point, you'll want to apply your disposable gloves.

4. Again, use your rat-tail comb to create a triangle shaped section.

5. You section will look something like this. If you have thick hair, you can take a smaller section.

6. Twisting the section will create a bit more texture and make it easier to apply the chalk.

7. Apply your chalk all the way up and down the strand. Be sure to color all sides of your twist.

8. Spray with hairspray to seal. (Chopper's Kisses Hair Shadow is self-setting after 15 minutes so this step is optional when using this brand.) You may also optionally add heat via a flat iron or curling iron if you'd like the color to last longer.

8. Gently loosen the twist with your fingers or softly brush through for a more diffused highlight.

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