Styling with Hot Tot Products for Kids

Thursday, August 29, 2013
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From "wild child" to "smooth dude" with Hot Tot Styling Gel.

My husband loves my son's hair long but I struggle with it because it's so thick and coarse! For the most part, I've just been thinning it out a bit to keep it from getting too large though I did do a little mullet trimming just before school started. I do love it short but I have to admit, it's been nice seeing his lovely wave again.

Also, I have been having a lot of fun styling Julian's long hair. I recently received some products from Hot Tot, a new luxury-meets-eco-friendly line that I really love. You can read my full review of their products and find a coupon code for 15% off on Babble.

More fun styles with my adorable kid after the jump.

Styling with Hot Tot Products for Kids

1. Find yourself a willing child or bribe one very unwilling child with a new iPhone game.

2. If you  want to change the movement of your child's hairstyle a bit and/or accentuate curl, apply a little Hot Tot Structure Whip and reshape. This product would also be great to taming flyaways.

3. For a more structured look, dampen with a little water using a spray bottle. Apply Hot Tot Styling Gel, create a deep side part and comb into place.

4. Once dry, you can break up the curl in front for looser look. Just don't expect them to look up from the game you bribed them with to get a good picture. Ha!


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