In the Buff: Naked Nails Trend

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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Pretty Buffed Naked Nails

Finally, a nail trend that fits into my lazy lifestyle! Honestly, I love polished nails and nail art but I rarely have time to get that fancy with my manicures. It's not the polishing - I actually really enjoy painting my nails. It's that I can never keep polish on very long because my hands are always in water. Then I get lazy about removing it and I walk around for days with trashy chipped nails.

Lucky for me, I recently stumbled upon an article on that reports buffed, naked nails are a trend that have been showing up on red carpets in Hollywood. This isn't the most exciting trend in the world but I like the simplicity of nicely manicured and buffed nails. And, let's face it, it's hella practical.

What do you think? Are shiny natural nails not enough glitz for you? Or are you so natural you wouldn't even bother to groom and buff? I think it's the perfect compromise - you get to treat yourself to a manicure without the hassle of having to remove chipped polish in a day or two. If you agree and wonder how I achieved this look, visit the step-by-step tutorial over on Babble.

See the difference? Before and after my DIY natural nails manicure.

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