Tip Tuesday – Using Cork To Create a 5 O’clock Shadow

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I’d share a fun tip for creating a 5 o’clock shadow. An easy and very realistic looking trick is to use a burnt cork. As an added bonus, it’s a nice excuse to drink a bottle of wine.

I used this trick to create stubble on my son when we practiced his Wolverine costume. Get the full Wolverine tutorial over on Babble. Of course, this technique can compliment a number of costumes whenever a child or woman wants to become a man for Halloween. I’ve done this on myself when I went as a redneck man one year.

See the how-to after the jump.

Using Cork To Create a 5 O’clock Shadow

You will need:

A lighter or a match
A cork

1. Using your lighter or match, burn one end of your cork until it’s nice and black.

2. Wait for the cork to cool, then rub the burnt end on your face where stubble normally grows  -- on the sideburns, upper lip, lower cheeks, and chin.

3. Use your fingers to blend a bit and you’re done!

To see how to create the entire Wolverine costume, visit my tutorial on Babble.

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  1. does anyone know where I can get some burnt cork

    kent snare

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