20s-Inspired Faux Bob Tutorial

Thursday, October 24, 2013
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Going Gatsby this Halloween? Here is a super easy way to create a soft, 20s-inspired faux bob. Traditional finger waves and pin curls are challenging to master and take hours to set. This tutorial offers a cheaters version, and the result is a much softer, more modern look. My hair is pretty thin and medium length. If you have more hair, your bob will look fuller.

Get the step-by-step how-to after the jump.

20s-Inspired Faux Bob Tutorial

1. Section your hair as you would for my Hollywood Glam Tutorial.

2. To set hair, roll each section as shown in the illustration. I’m using hot rollers but you can also use a one-inch curling iron and clip curls into place. Be sure to spritz each section with hairspray before you roll. The top front section that is rolled forward should be on the side you want your part to be on.

3. Waiting for your rollers or curls to cool completely, do your makeup. Some notes about 20s makeup:

  • Brows were straighter so de-emphasize your arch when you fill in your brows.
  • Eye makeup was dark and sexy. Lots of blacks and greys. I blended a black shadow up toward my crease and used it to line under my eyes. Then I followed with black liner along the top lash line and mascara.
  • Red lips were popular and the cupid’s bow was accentuated. Use a lip brush or lip liner to define yours. I've also made my lips shorter by applying a little foundation at the corners of my mouth and then drawing in the new shape.

4. Take out the rollers and brush out. I look totally silly like this because of my bangs. Check out the Hollywood Glam Tutorial to see what it looks like with longer hair.

5. Now you will begin to manipulate these front curls into waves. Apply a strong product. A gel works best but a stong pomade would work too. Use a comb and your fingers to sweep the curls into a waves and clip them in place using duckbill clips. Do not look at the size of my forehead.

6. Continue shaping the curls into waves on both front sides.

7. While you wait for that to set, clip up the top half of the back section. Roll the bottom section downward and pin to your nape.

8. Release the top section and begin to pin the ends up into the roll.

9. Fold the front ends up and also pin those back into the roll.

10. Adding a hair accessory is essential. You have lots of choices but something sparkly and/or feathery is needed. I don’t care for the look of a headband across my forehead, so I would either place a headband on top or use a decorative clip or comb as I’m showing you here. This look is more understated and real, in my humble opinion. But if you want to pick up a sequined feather number from the Halloween shop, go for it!


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