Tip Tuesday – Easy No Heat Waves

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
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Today's quick tip is how to give yourself some fun messy waves without heat. This is a great technique to use when you don't want to spend a lot of time on your hair or want to minimize damage from heat styling. It's also a great trick for little girls. I find it's a little dangerous to use curling irons one squirmy little ones and let's face it, kids are impatient. It only takes a couple minutes to set this style, then it just needs time to air dry. Do this at night or first thing in the morning before your commute and take it out when you get to work!

The how-to is after the jump.

Easy No Heat Waves

1. Start with your hair damp. You can let it air dry most of the way after a shower or spritz it with a water from a spray bottle. If you wear bangs like me, go ahead and blow dry them straight so they don't dry wonky.

2. Apply product. I've cocktailed Oribe's Maximista Thickening Spray and Umberto Curl Enhancing Lotion.

3. Divide your hair into two equal sections.

4. Take a section at the top of one side and start twisting the hair away from you.

5. Continue down the side, adding hair and twisting.

6. When you get to your nape, twist the remaining hair and roll into a small bun and use bobby pins to secure it. This does not have to be perfect.

7. Repeat on the other side.

8. Wait until hair is totally dry (or as long as you can wait!) Remove the bobby pins and gently shake it out.

Voila! Loose waves.



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3 Responses

  1. I was hoping you could help or recommend a website/tutorial for shorter hair. I had long hair, finally figured out how to do some cool ‘tricks’. Note: I am hair challenged when it comes to styling. Then I cut a foot and a half off. My hair is now a little below my ears and I have layers. Don’t worry it’s not the ball cap un-a-bob. But the only thing I can do with it is wear it down with straightening iron…gets boring quick. I was hoping you might have a recommendation for us short haired gals where our hair is short but can still have some fun. Tutorials preferred!
    Much thanks. Your hair challenge reader,
    Cristin Snyder

    Cristin Snyder
  2. Cristin! I tried to reply to your email and it said that address was undeliverable?? Here is the gist:

    Thanks for your question. I have a few ideas here:


    And here:

    Also, my colleague at Babble, Morgan has a super short cut and often posts styling ideas. http://www.babble.com/contributor/morganthe818/

    Hope this helps!!

  3. Really cute hair tutorial; I hate using heat, so this is a winner! (:


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