Mini Ducklings Duct Tape No-Slip Hair Bows

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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Around the holidays, I received a small box of goodies to sample from Influenster. One of the items included in my “Jolly VoxBox” was a really cute and colorful roll of Mini Ducklings Duct Tape from Duck Brand. I immediately knew I wanted to make something out of it. I had just discovered a clever trick to making hair clips slip-proof so I decided to whip up some duct tape bows. I can rarely wear clips or barrettes because they tend to just slide out of my straight, fine hair. Adding a small piece of no-slip shelving lining helps them stay put and the duct tape bow is nearly indestructible. These fun little bows would be perfect for kids, too!

Get the tutorial after the jump.

Duck Tape No Slip Hair Bows with Mini Ducklings

Here’s what you’ll need:
Mini Ducklings duct tape
Single prong pin curl clips
No slip shelf liner
Hot glue gun

1. Measure and cut a 10” strip of Mini Ducklings Duct Tape.

2. Fold the duct tape in half so that it sticks to itself. Now you should have a 5” long piece with the pattern or color on both sides.

3. Measure and cut a 1 ½” piece of your duct tape and cut about ¼” off the long side to make it a bit narrower. Have it handy.

4. Now fold both ends of your 5” strip to meet in the center.

5. Pinch the center to fold as shown.

6. Fold again on both sides to form a “W” shape and hold it in that shape with your fingers.

7. Grab your 1 ½” strip and wrap it around the center to form the bow and secure it. Make sure that the ends overlap in the back.

8. Place your pin curl clip on the no-slip shelving liner and mark the shape with a pen or marker.

9. Cut out the shape inside the lines.

10. Use a hot glue gun to attach the shelving liner to the top prong on the inside your clip. This will make your hair bow slip-proof.

11. Use your hot glue gun to attach the bow to the front of the clip.

12. Enjoy your new, super fun, and unique hair accessory!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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