Teasing 101 with 3 Easy Retro-Inspired Styling Ideas

Monday, January 27, 2014
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From massive curly ‘dos to crimped, frizzy texture to higher-than-high volume, big hair is back! As a kid of the 80s, I must confess I love some big hair. Unfortunately, I had no clue how to create volume as a teen. If I only knew then, all I know now…

Backcombing, better known as “teasing,” hair is a great way to create volume and create a base for a lot of beautiful updos and styles. Retro styles, in particular, often require teasing. While backcombing is not at all difficult, you do need to use proper tools and practice a bit to get the hang of it. In this post, I show you how to tease your hair (including a video!) and three easy retro-inspired styles you that look great with height and volume. For a list of great strong hold hairsprays that work well with backcombing, visit this post.

Get the how-to after the jump.

 Teasing 101 with 3 Easy Retro-Inspired Styling Ideas

Here’s what you’ll need:
Teasing brush or comb
Strong hold hairspray
Optional accessories: headband, barrette, or bobby pins

Watch the video for a quick visual to accompany the steps below. It's my first real tutorial video so don't laugh too much at me and my overuse of "um." They will get better as I get used to this format, I promise!

As you can see, I am starting with my hair DIRTY. Teasing is easier when your hair isn’t squeaky clean. If you must wash it, be sure to use lots of product to add some texture.

Take a thin section where you would like your volume to start. Spray it well with a strong hold hairspray.

Holding the strand with medium tension, brush or comb hair from your hand back toward your scalp. Repeat until you have backcombed at least half of the section.

Drop that section forward and repeat until you have built lots of volume. You will look crazy. That’s perfect.

Now, LIGHTLY drag the brush or comb over the top layer only of your teased section to smooth and shape your style. If you go too deep, you will brush out your teasing.

Use the end of your brush to lift any sections that may have gotten too flat and to help shape your bump.

Now, you can optionally add a headband.

Or take two pieces from each side and secure with a barrette in back.

To create a loose and messy French twist, start by tightly twisting your ponytail.

Pull the end of the twist straight up.

Fold the end down and tuck it under the twist.

Hold in place and secure with bobby pins.

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  1. I really did learn two vital bits from you: tease in sections and hair spray the section before teasing. Now I know why my teasing attempts have heretofore sucked.


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