Tip Tuesday: Decorate Your Hair With Bobby Pins

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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Simple bobby pins can be transformed into unique hair decor by arranging them into simple patterns. This easy trick can transform a blah hair day into a rad accessorized 'do that's sure to get attention. These shapes work well for half-up hairstyles as I've demonstrated in this post but you can also use them to pull back one side in lieu of a barrette. I've come up with a few different looks to inspire you but feel free to design your own. Also, you can use any old bobby pins or splurge on some fun colored ones like these for contrast. This casual cool styling idea is all about having fun.

See more decorative bobby pin patterns after the jump.

Decorative Bobby Pin Patterns

decorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (3 of 6)
Slip the bottom two pins in first with the closed end of the bobby pin down and make sure they are crossed. Then add the top two pins, crossing over the bottom pins and each other at the top.

decorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (4 of 6)
Cross the 2 outer pins to a point to secure your hair then add 3 pins in the center to complete the design.

decorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (5 of 6)
Create an overlapping square using 2 pins per side. Each of the 2 pins should be inserted in opposite directions.

The Triangledecorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (1 of 6)
Slip one pin in horizontally the place the two top pins in at a 45 degree angle to form a point in the center.

Simple Stripes
decorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (2 of 6)
Place 4 bobby pins in a row alternating the direction of the pins. In other words, closed end is on the right on the 1st and 3rd pins and one the left on the 2nd and 4th pins.

The Fan
decorate_your_hair_with_bobby_pins (6 of 6)
Place two pins horizontally at the base, one with the closed end on the right and the other with the closed end on the left. Insert pins over the horizontal pins upward, creating a fan shape.

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