Rope Braid Crown Tutorial

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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This month, I've made it my goal to teach you all the rope braid. These braids are super pretty and not difficult to create with a little practice. If you haven't done so already, start by learning a simple two-strand rope braid which can be twisted or knotted into quick updos. (I share 3 variations in my Nautical Knot Updo Tutorial.)

Once you've mastered that move on to the French rope braid by incorporating hair as you work. The easy-to-follow video I created demonstrates the technique, which you can use to create a number of styles including a front braid wrapped around a side ponytail and this adorable rope braid crown.

I'm not going to lie; this style is a little difficult to create on your own head. For that reason, combined with my desire for a fresh face on Parlor, I enlisted the help of my beautiful niece, Bella. Her long and thick hair is perfect for this style and it is a great fancy look for girls. I wanted to style my other gorgeous niece's hair but, alas, Carly had to leave before I had the chance. Next time!

Get the complete step-by-step how-to after the jump.

Rope Braid Crown

rope_braid_crown (1 of 15)

1. Start by brushing out any tangles and applying a bit of pomade to make hair easier to work with.

rope_braid_crown (2 of 15)

2. Take a small section at the part in front and split it into two roughly equal strands.

rope_braid_crown (3 of 15)

3. Twist each section to your right, towards the face.

rope_braid_crown (4 of 15)

4. Fold the twist on your right over the left to cross.

rope_braid_crown (5 of 15)

5. Pick up some hair from underneath and add it to the strand that is now on your right. Twist to incorporate the hair you picked up and again fold the strand in your right hand over the left. Throughout this entire style, you will twist to the right and fold the right over the left. It's important this remains consistent.

rope_braid_crown (7 of 15)

6. Continue working in this manner, picking up hair along the hairline, incorporating it into the twist in your right hand and folding the right over the left.

rope_braid_crown (8 of 15)

7. Work all the way around the head to form a circle or crown.

rope_braid_crown (9 of 15)

8. When you have completed the circle and have no more hair to incorporate, finish the braid as you would a simple two-strand braid, still twisting to the right and folding the right over the left. Tie off with a small hair band. Wrap that end around the crown following the shape and pin in place.

rope_braid_crown (10 of 15)

9. I had (unfortunately) just given Bella a haircut with layers so I had a few loose hairs popping out. If you experience the same problem, just fold them in and pin to secure and you're done!




Special thanks to Bella and my husband, Sean, who shot the images for this post.

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  1. Loving the tutorial (again :)) and call me a girl but I want to see this on my hair, getting a bit tired of Waterfall and Bohemian twists…

    Kudos on how clear and comprehensive the tutorial is


    Mila Withley

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