Tutorial: Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Messy Updo

Thursday, June 5, 2014
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I've noticed that there are lots pics of the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot all over Pinterest, especially on hairstyle boards. Clearly, there is something really appealing about her disheveled teased-to-high-hell updos. It's all the fun of retro glamour combined with a modern lack of fuss. It's an irreverent yet feminine look that is really easy to create. Messy is the name of the game so no fancy prep work is required. You don't even need to worry about shampooing; this style is easier to create on hair that's a little dirty. So, grab some some clips, pomade or texturizing product, hairspray, a teasing brush or comb, and some bobby pins and let's do this thing, shall we?

Get the full step-by-step tutorial after the jump.

Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Messy Updo

brigitte_bardot_inspired_updo1. Use the end of your comb or teasing brush to create a horseshoe-shaped section on top of your head and two vertical sections just behind your ears and clip all three sections out of the way.


2. Run your texturizing product or pomade through the back section to make it easier to work with and then gather it to one side of your neck. (I used Aquage Transforming Paste.)


3. Twist.


4. Pull the twisted section straight up toward the center.


5. Manipulate the outer strands up and over the twist and secure in place with bobby pins. Don't worry about the ends; we'll cover those later.


6. Release a side section, spray it with hairspray and backcomb it. Don't be shy -- get lots of teasing in there. (I used Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Express Dry Strong Hold Hairspray.)


7. Fold the section back gently (don't squash the teasing).


8. Wrap the end around the twist in back and use bobby pins to secure. Be sure to cross your pins for extra hold. Repeat on the other side.


9. Release the top section.



10. Starting at the back, tease the entire section. A lot. Don't forget to apply hairspray to each section before teasing!


11. Bring the section back and arrange as you see fit. Just remember not to smooth it too much. You want it to be a hot mess. Fold the ends under and pin it to the top of your twist.


13. Finish with more hairspray and, of course, cat eyes and rock on with your sexy, disheveled self.


What, not messy enough? Feel free to add a little more texturizing product or pomade and pull out some strands for an even more "What? I just woke up like this..." look.

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