Tip Tuesday – DIY Topsy Tail Tool

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
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I'm going to go ahead and credit Pinterest for the topsy tail craze. This simple little tool is really handy for creating a number of cute styles. The technique couldn't be easier; create a ponytail then flip it through it's base. Flipping the ponytail twists the divided hair into a slight V-shape. When repeat down the length of a ponytail, the effect looks similar to a braid.

You can just make a hole in the base of your ponytail with your fingers and flip your ponytail through it but the tool takes a simple trick and makes it effortless. Topsy tail kits like this one from Conair are fairly inexpensive if you choose to buy one but they are a cinch to make with a little wire and electrical tape.

Learn how to DIY yourself a topsy tail tool (or two) and how it works after the jump.

DIY Topsy Tail Tool


For this craft tutorial, you will need:
flexible wire (I like plastic coated wire but an old dry cleaning wire hanger will work in a pinch)
wire cutters
electrical tape


1. Measure your wire and cut it. I made one topsy tail with a 12" piece and one with an 8" piece. It's nice to have a smaller one for styles that requires multiple flips.


2. Bend the wire into a loop with a tail. Notice that one end is a little longer than the other.


3. Cut a small piece of electrical tape and wrap it around the tail close to the loop to hold the ends together.


4. Use another small piece of electrical tape to cover the end of your wire.


5. Wrap electrical tape tightly around the covered tip and continue wrapping tape until the entire tail is covered. Now you're ready to do some topsy tailing! Tail topsying?

How to Use Your Topsy Tail Tool


1. Put your hair in a ponytail. This can be a side ponytail, two pigtails, a half ponytail - whatever your like.


2. Feed your ponytail through the loop.


3. Holding on to the end of your ponytail, insert the tail through the center of the base (the area between the ponytail band and your scalp.)


4. Pull the tool down to feed your ponytail through.


5. Tighten it if necessary.




Now you know the basics, try this boho-inspired topsy tail braid! The full step-by-step tutorial is found here.

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