3 Ways to Style Shorter Hair (And Get Your Hair Off Your Face!)

Monday, July 14, 2014
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I had the pleasure of seeing my gorgeous friend and client, Alma, over the weekend for cut and color. She asked me for some styling ideas for her shorter hair and I was more than happy to oblige! I showed her a few options to get the hair off her face that are practical enough for the gym and cute enough for a neighborhood barbeque. She was gracious enough to let me snap some pics to share with all of you.

Sometimes a girl's just gotta get her hair back. A quick messy pony will do the trick for those of us with longer hair but when you are sporting a shorter style like Alma, the solution is not as simple. These three styles are variations on a theme and aim to pin back just the fringe section of your hair. They look just as great with long hairstyles and are fantastic techniques for dressing up a ponytail or bun.

See how I created each of these pretty styles after the jump.

3 Ways to Pin Back Your Fringe

If you don't have lots of awesome texture in your hair like Alma, you'll need to start by applying some product to your hair. A texturizing cream, texturizing spray, pomade, or styling wax is ideal but anything that will give it a little grit and texture will make it easier to work with.

1. Twist

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (2 of 8)

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (3 of 8)

In the first variation, hair is twisted away from the face starting with a small section at the part. Incorporate small sections of hair from the front hairline working across your forehead and secure with a decorative bobby pin or barrette. Gently pull on the twist to give it a bit of height and make it a bit looser. For step-by-step instructions on how to do a twist, visit this post.

2. French Braid

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (4 of 8)

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (5 of 8)

For the second look, we created a section about 1 1/2" deep at the front hairline and clipped the remainder of her hair back out of the way. Pick up a thin section at the part and divide it into three sections. French braid this section by folding the outer strands under the center strand, alternating sides and incorporating hair from the section as you go. Tie the braid of with a small hair elastic and pin down with two bobby pins, crossed. Gently pull the braid to make it wider and more messy. Release the hair behind the braid and use it to hide your pins. For more detailed instructions on how to French braid, visit this post.

3. Rope Braid

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (7 of 8)

3-ways-to-tie-back-fringe (8 of 8)

For the final style, we kept the 1 1/2" section at the front hairline and again, clipped the remainder out of the way. Take a small section at the part and divide it into 2 sections. Twist both sections BACK away from your face and then fold the back twist over the front twist. Pick up some hair from below and add a bit to each twist. Again, twist BACK to incorporate the new hair and fold the back twist over the front. Continue across your forehead until the braid is at the desired length. Pin in place with two crossed bobby pins, release the hair you clipped out of the way, and hide the ends under that hair. Gently pull on the rope braid to loosen it if you prefer. For added security, you can tie your rope braid with a small hair elastic first before pinning. For more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do a front rope braid, visit this post.

Play around with these looks, they can be done really tight and clean for a more polished look, you could style both sides away from your face, and/or extend the twist(s) or braid(s) down farther incorporating hair along the side hairline, working around to the back for a full updo.

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