Braid Crossed Chignon Hairstyle Tutorial

Friday, July 18, 2014
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Sometimes I work really hard on a hairstyle tutorial and then the finished product just isn’t working. It’s super frustrating when that happens because I feel like I wasted valuable time. I know; #beautybloggerproblems. Yesterday I attempted a style I liked a lot on a model but it just didn’t work well with my face shape. My makeup was done and my hair was full of product so feeling somewhat defeated, I decided to just play around. This pretty style was the result; an afterthought that took only a few minutes to create. I love it. Hope you do too!

The step-by-step tutorial to create this braid crossed chignon is after the jump.

Braid Crossed Chignon

braid-crossed-chignon-materials (1 of 1)

For this style, you will need:
Pomade or styling wax (I used Alterna Bamboo Shape Moldable Texture Paste)
A rattail comb
2 small hair bands
Bobby pins
Hairspray (I used Paul Mitchell Stay Strong)

braid-crossed-chignon (2 of 30)1. After running an ample amount of pomade or styling wax through your hair, section off the front from ear to ear. The product is key to making hair easy to work with -- don't skip it.

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2. Grab the hair of one front side section, leaving out a thin sliver of hair at your temple.

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3. Divide this hair into 3 subsections.


4. Braid the hair, working back way from your face, and tie off with a small hair band. Gently pull each braid to make it wider and a bit messy.

braid-crossed-chignon (9 of 30)

5. Repeat on the other side.


6. Add the sliver of hair you left at your temple, along with a small amount of the hair from your back section to the braid on your right side and clip it out of the way. You only need to do this on ONE SIDE.

braid-crossed-chignon (12 of 30)

7. Divide the remainder of your hair, including the braid on your left side into 2 sections. As you can see, this doesn't have to be so clean. If fact, it's better if it's not to prevent a big ol' part in the back of your head.

braid-crossed-chignon (13 of 30)

8. Smooth one of the two sections then wrap it around two fingers, shoving the ends inside the roll. Pin the roll to your nape.

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9. Repeat with the second section, making sure that the end of your braid is tucked inside. Yes, you can do this all in one big section if you want but your roll will be more narrow and poufy, FYI.

braid-crossed-chignon (15 of 30)

10. Use a hand mirror and a wall mirror to check the back and arrange the two sections together so it looks like one wide roll at your nape.

braid-crossed-chignon (16 of 30)

11. Grab the section on the right that you left out and cross it across the back, along the top of your roll. I love the combination of textures created by leaving some of the hair unbraided.

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12. Tuck the ends in the roll and pin in place.

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13. Gently spread out the roll and pin each side to close the hole.

Now go somewhere and show off your 'do!

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