ModCloth Challenge: Dress-Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Friday, July 25, 2014
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modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails One of my favorite online shops, ModCloth, contacted me with a challenge: Create nail art inspired by one of my favorite new ModCloth dresses. Never one to pass up a chance to be creative, I probably would have attempted a post regardless of the requester. The fact that I love ModCloth dresses just sweetens the deal. So fun! There are so many cute dresses on ModCloth, it was hard to choose just one. In the end, I chose the Crafting Cocktails Dress to be my inspiration. I just love the simple design of this LBD with pretty white lace at the neckline and hem. The “fit and flare” style is super flattering and the length is just perfect – short enough for a petite woman like myself without being too short, if you know what I mean. I’m not 20 anymore. I thought the nail art would be pretty rad, too. Black with a little lace is the perfect blend of sassy and sweet. I created this nail design using a satin-finish black polish to minic the fabric and used my nail stamping tools from Born Pretty to add a white lacey accent on the tips. I love the way this manicure turned out and hope you do, too! Get the how-to for this pretty nail art design inspired by ModCloth's Crafting Cocktails Dress after the jump.

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ModCloth Crafting Cocktails Dress-Inspired Nail Art

For this nail art design, you will need:

Nail polish remover
Cotton balls or pads
Base coat (I used Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat)
Black nail polish with a matte or satin finish (I used OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Nail Lacquer in 4 In The Morning)
White nail polish (I used Essie Nail Polish in Blanc)
Nail stamping tools (I used BornPretty Newly Stamping Nail Art Stamper and Scraper)
Lace Nail Stamp Template (I used Born Pretty Nail Art Stamp Template in Lovely Star Flower)
Orangewood stick, nail brush, or nail clean-up pen

modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (2 of 12) 1. Start with your nail shaped and cuticles pushed back. Clip away any excess, if necessary with cuticle nippers. Moisturize your hands and cuticles with a good hand cream. (I’m partial to Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream) modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (3 of 12) 2. Wipe each nail with nail polish remover on a cotton ball or pad to remove excess oils and debris. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (4 of 12) 3. Apply a base coat to all nails. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (5 of 12) 4. Apply two coats of your matte- or satin-finish black polish. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (6 of 12) 5. Wait. This is important. Give your nails ample time to dry. They need to at least be dry to the touch but if you have more time to let them cure, that’s great. Go work on your computer or watch TV or something. Be patient! BTW, isn’t this satin polish from OPI so awesome??? modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (7 of 12) 6. Once nails are dry, you are ready to start stamping. Apply white polish to your template. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (8 of 12) 7. Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle and drag over the design using firm pressure to remove excess polish. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (9 of 12) 8. Immediately transfer the polish on to the stamper by pressing it onto the template firmly, using a rolling motion and press the stamper onto your nail tip using the same firm pressure and rolling motion. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (10 of 12) 9. Repeat for all nails, cleaning off your stamping tools with a cotton ball or pad and nail polish remover between each stamp. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (11 of 12) 9. Use an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton, a nail brush, or nail clean-up pen to remove any polish from the skin around your nails. modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (12 of 12) A top coat will transform your matte or satin nails into glossy nails, so skip that step. If you really want a top coat, feel free to use a matte version. You’re done! modcloth-challenge-dress-inspired-nails (1 of 12)

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  1. I love this! Such a creative and beautiful answer to the challenge. Nice work, Parlor!

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