Easy Braid Topped Chignon Tutorial

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the prettiest. This chignon is just a simple ponytail that hasn't been pulled all the way through. Cross the top with two 3-strand braids for a versatile updo that's both sophisticated and casual. I've created mine a bit messy to fit my personal aesthetic but this 'do would look lovely clean and sleek as well. All you need are a few minutes and some basic hairstyling tools so grab some product, a clip, 3 small hair ties, and some bobby pins and let's get started!

The step-by-step tutorial is after the jump.

Braid Topped Chignon

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (1 of 10)

1. Apply pomade, styling wax, or other texturizing product to your hair then create a parting across the back from ear to ear and clip away the top.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (2 of 10)

2. Divide the bottom panel into 3 sections.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (3 of 10)

3. Braid the outer two sections into basic 3-strand braids and tie with small hair bands

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (4 of 10)

4. Pull each braid wider and messier, if desired.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (6 of 10)

5. Release the top and combine it with the bottom center section. Use a small hair band to tie into a low ponytail but don't pull the ends all the way through. Tuck the ends under to hide them.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (7 of 10)

5. Fold the braids over the top of the ponytail to hide the hair band. Wrap the ends around under the chignon to hide them.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (8 of 10)

6. Pin the braids in place.

easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (10 of 10) easy-braid-wrapped-chignon (9 of 10)

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