Back-to-School: Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial and More

Monday, August 25, 2014
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School is back in session for a lot of kids but here in Chicago, public school starts the day after labor day. While it's definitely a challenge working with my son home, I guess I'm old fashioned because I like that school is starting in September.


I'm loving the back-to-school haircut I gave my son this morning. It's long on top to show off his curls and disconnected from the shorter sides.

3-easy-girls-hairstyles_edited-1If you have girls, school is the perfect excuse to try some new styles. I demonstrate 3 super simple looks that anyone can create over on Babble. I promise they are easy to quick and easy to create... perfect for squirmy little ones.

In this post, I've included a quick how-to for a messy side fishtail braid if you are ready to try something a tiny bit more difficult. This style is really pretty for little ones but would look great on older girls or even their moms!
The step-by-step side fishtail braid tutorial is after the jump.

Messy Side Fishtail Braid

For this tutorial you will need:

Pomade, styling wax, or other product to add some texture and grit (I used Alterna Bamboo Moldable Shape Paste)
Small hair band

loose-fishtail-braid (2 of 17)

1. Take a small section from one side along your part. Divide this section into two strands.

loose-fishtail-braid (6 of 17)

2. Pick up a small amount of hair adjacent to one of the strands and cross it over, adding it to the opposite strand. Repeat on the other side.

loose-fishtail-braid (7 of 17)

3. Continue incorporating hair, picking up sections, crossing them over the top, and then adding them to the opposite side strands.

loose-fishtail-braid (9 of 17)

4. As you work, be sure to include hair from the other side of your head, taking the strands to incorporate all the way across the back of your head.

loose-fishtail-braid (11 of 17)

5. Continue in this manner, adding hair as you go as you would with a french braid.

loose-fishtail-braid (13 of 17)

6. When you have incorporated all of your hair into the braid, continue fishtail braiding by taking strands from the bottom of each section, folding over the top, and adding the strand to the opposite side section.

loose-fishtail-braid (14 of 17)

7. Tie off with a small hair band.

loose-fishtail-braid (15 of 17)

8. Pull gently on either side of the braid to loosen it and make it wider.

loose-fishtail-braid (16 of 17) loose-fishtail-braid (17 of 17)

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