Triple Braid Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorial

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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3-braid-half-up (16 of 16)

Braid mania continues and I am loving it. This cute half-up hairstyle combines three different types of braids - a rope braid, a standard 3-strand braid, and a fishtail braid. Create all three braids on both sides at your front hairline and then tie them all back to complete the look. Incorporating three different braiding techniques makes this easy style look more special. I hid my hair band with one of my DIY fabric hair bows but you can use any hair accessory you like or even a pretty piece of ribbon.

The full step-by-step tutorial for the triple braid half-up is after the jump.

Triple Braid Half-Up

For this tutorial, you will need:

Curling iron (Optional)
Heat protective spray (I used Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine)
A texturizing product (I used Alterna Bamboo Shape Moldable Texture Paste)
Small hair bands
Hair bow, barrette, or other hair accessory (optional)

3-braid-half-up (1 of 16)

1. Start by spritzing large sections with a heat protective spray and then wrap them around a curling iron. This step is optional but I wanted just a little bit of wave in my hair. Hold your iron vertically and wrap strands away from your face.

3-braid-half-up (2 of 16)

2. After releasing the curls from the iron, pull them straighter as they cool to loosen the curl.

3-braid-half-up (3 of 16)

All curled!

3-braid-half-up (4 of 16)

3. Section off the front of your hair from the top of your head to the back of your ear.

3-braid-half-up (5 of 16)

4. Divide this front side section into 3 partings.

3-braid-half-up (7 of 16)

5. Rope braid the top section, working back and tie with a small hair band. Instructions on how to do a basic rope braid are here.

3-braid-half-up (9 of 16)

6. Three strand braid the middle section, again working back, away from your face and tie off with a small band.

3-braid-half-up (10 of 16)

7. Fishtail braid the final section back and tie with a small hair band. Instructions on how to do a basic fishtail braid are here (skip the "french" part and skip ahead to the bottom.) Repeat on the other side and gently pull each braid so it's a little wider and messier.

3-braid-half-up (11 of 16)

9. Gather all 6 braids in the back and secure with a small hair band.

3-braid-half-up (12 of 16)

10. Remove the elastics that originally held the individual braids and use a pretty bow, clip or ribbon to hide the remaining band.

3-braid-half-up (13 of 16)

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