Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial

Friday, October 10, 2014
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The actresses on the wildly popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, are styled with some pretty spectacular braided 'dos. The hair, along with the distinct attire, make these characters perfect for Halloween. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create two different looks from the show. The first, seen on Sansa is quite simple and easy to execute. The second, inspired by Khaleesi, is a bit more intricate but not difficult once you break down the steps.

My beautiful friend, Jen, was kind enough to model for me for these looks. I don't have enough hair to pull them off on myself so I am super grateful! She came over with her adorable infant son and was a great sport letting me braid away while her baby spit up on her.

The tutorials for both hairstyles spurred by Game of Thrones is after the jump.

Game of Thrones Hairstyle Tutorials

Look #1 - Sansa

game-of-thrones-hairstyle (2 of 18)

1. Part hair down the middle and create two parallel sections on both sides of the part back to the crown.


2. Dutch braid (reverse french braid) or French braid the two sections along the top of your head. When you reach the crown, switch to a regular 3 strand braid and secure with a small hair band when you reach the bottom.

3. Cross the braids in back and pin in place with bobby pins. Repeat down the length of the two braids then re-tie one of the bands around both braids. Wrap a small strand of hair around the band and tuck it in to the elastic to secure it.

Look #2 - Khaleesi


1. Create a middle part. (Sorry, Jen. I know you hate the "butt cut." I owe you one.)

2. Section a chunk of hair on either side of the part, in the front.

game-of-thrones-hairstyle (9 of 18)

3. Braid the two front sections in a simple 3-strand braid until you reach the crown. Tie with a small hair band.

game-of-thrones-hairstyle (10 of 18)

4. Braid the remaining tail and secure with another small hair elastic.

game-of-thrones-hairstyle (11 of 18)

5. Cut out the hair band at the crown with a small pair of grooming shears and part the remainder of the hair down the middle from the crown to the nape.


6. Now you will half-Dutch (reverse French) braid both sides along the perimeter. To do this, you will incorporate hair from interior as you braid, and you will NOT incorporate hair on the exterior, closest to the hairline. Visit this post for more detailed instruction and images demonstrating how to complete type of braid. When you reach the nape, continue braiding with a simple 3-strand braid and tie off with a small hair elastic.

7. Bring the Dutch braids over the tail of the braid on top to hide it and pin to secure in place. Add pins down the length of the braids to connect them and re-tie your band around both ends.


Go forth and rock it!


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