Tutorial: Rope Braided Updo for Short Hair

Friday, October 17, 2014
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The bob, the lob, the chop… short haircuts are hot! As cute and easy wearing these cuts are, a lot of women fear that they won't have styling options if they loose length. While there is certainly less to work with, there are still ways to create a variety of 'dos including pinned back fringe, half up styles, and updos. And don't forget that adding accessories like embellished barrettes, bobby pins, and headbands is also a simple way to change up your look.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you an easy way to twist short hair into a cute, versatile updo. I used a rope braid technique for this style but you can easily switch it up with a French braid, Dutch (reverse French) braid, or fishtail braid. The key is to incorporate hair as you work, allowing you to braid shorter lengths and layers.

My sweet friend, Macki, generously donated some precious vacation time to serve as my short hair model. Thanks, gorgeous!

Learn how to create a rope braided updo for short hair after the jump.

Braided Updo for Short Hair


Here is Macki's before picture, so you can see her length. She has a bob that falls just above her shoulders.


1. If your hair is straight, start by curling it with a curling iron to add bend and texture. I took 2 inch tall horizontal sections starting at the nape and used a 1” iron to curl thin vertical subsections.

braided-updo-for-short-hair (3 of 12)

As you can see, just adding soft curls creates a new, pretty style.

PicMonkey Collagebraided-updo-short-hair-braid

2. Part the hair down the back to create two roughly equal sections. Add a little pomade for grip and then rope braid both sides starting at the top all the way down to the nape.

The technique is as follows:


1. Take a triangular section of hair from the top at the part and divide this section into two.

2. Twist both sections in the same direction.
3. If you twisted forward (toward your face), cross the twist in front (closest from your face) over the one in back. If you twisted back (away from your face), cross the twist in back (farthest from your face) over the one in front.
4. Add a bit of hair from both sides and twist again, in the same direction you did before and cross the again. Whichever direction you decide to twist and cross, the direction will remain the same throughout. Twist front, fold front over back, twist front, fold front over back, etc OR twist back, fold back over front, twist back, fold back over front, etc.
5. Repeat until you reach then nape and there is no more hair to incorporate. Then just twist and cross maintaining the direction of both until you reach the end and tie off with a small band.

Here's a handy video to help you visualize the steps:

Now, back to our updo...

3. Fold each end up and under to hide the band and pin in place. Cross your pins for added security.braided-updo-short-hair-pin


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  1. Thank you for creating such a lovely and easy updo! I actually slept in it and wore it home on the plane so my husband and kids could see it.


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