3D Monster Nail Art for Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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I've been having so much fun with nail art lately! While applying round, pearly nail studs in my plaid nails post, it dawned on me that they could serve as little eyeballs. With Halloween coming soon, I couldn't help but use them to create cute 3D monsters. One of my monsters has a black speckled base over a pea green polish and the other is entirely 3D with orange caviar beads surrounding a single eye.

FYI, the studs are from Born Pretty, an awesome resource for nail art of all kinds as well as lots of other beauty-related items. Click the link on my sidebar to shop and use promo code PA10K31 for 10% off your purchases.

Find the 3-D monster nails how-to after the jump.

3D Monster Nail Art for Halloween

For this nail art tutorial, you will need:

Nail polish remover
Cotton balls or pads
Orangewood stick or nail clean up pen
Black nail polish (I used Pure Ice Nail Polish in Black Rage)
Green nail polish (I used OPI Nail Lacquer in Don't Talk Bach to Me)
Orange nail polish (I used Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Sorbet)
Black speckled or black glitter polish (I used Lovebomb Lacquer in Caviar 101)
Orange caviar beads (I used some from a discontinued e.l.f. set, click here for similar)
Round white nail studs (I used Born Pretty Mini Circle Studs)
Dotting tool or sewing pin

3D-monster-nail-art (1 of 13)

1. Start by shaping your nails, pushing back cuticles, and wiping each nail with nail polish remover using a cotton pad to remove oils and debris.

3D-monster-nail-art (2 of 13)

2. Apply a base coat to all nails.

3D-monster-nail-art (4 of 13)

3. Paint two coats of black polish on all nails but two. On the remaining nails, paint one with 2 coats of green polish and one with one coat of orange polish.

3D-monster-nail-art (5 of 13)

4. Get your studs, caviar beads, and tweezers ready then paint a second coat on your orange nail.

3D-monster-nail-art (6 of 13)

5. Wait a few seconds for the polish to dry slightly and become tacky. Set on your round stud "eyeball" with tweezers and then gently press your nail into the caviar beads.

3D-monster-nail-art (7 of 13)

6. Gently press the beads into the polish and remove excess.

3D-monster-nail-art (8 of 13)

7. Paint your black speckled polish over your green nail. You may need to do a couple coats. Wait a few seconds and place two round studs using your tweezer.


8. Add a dot of black polish in the center of each "eyeball" with a dotting tool or the head of sewing pin. Just dip the pin head in a small bit of polish and then dab it onto the stud.

3D-monster-nail-art (9 of 13)

9. Finish with a top coat on all nails paying special attention to your two monster nails. You'll want your this protective layer to be fairly thick on those two nails.


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