Vibrant Panels with Redken Color Rebel

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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Are you red-dy for Christmas? Hardy har har. I am with my freshly created red haircolor panels!

I love that I can change my haircolor on a whim with great new temporary products that actually show up on my dark hair! Previously, to achieve a non-traditional hue on any hair color other than pale blond, sections were lightened with bleach before a bright or pastel could be applied. Colorful shades fade quickly and start to look dingy within a handful of shampoos.

Now, with hair chalk and other temporary options like hair mascaras and wands, it's never been easier to go bright and bold without the upkeep or damage. When I saw a new hair makeup, Redken Color Rebel, I knew I had to try it! It was super easy to use and my panels are crazy vibrant.

Check out the steps after the jump.

Vibrant Haircolor Panels with Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

You will need:

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup (Available in 5 shades; I used Red-y to Rock)


1. Section areas to be colored. I created 3 triangular panels - one in my fringe, and one on either side above my ears.


2. Take the cover off and remove the plug. Push on the foam applicator tip and twist the container to dispense the product.


3. Put on disposable gloves! Wipe the applicator down the length of your isolated strand and brush through. Wait for it to dry and brush again.

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Brilliant color in a flash! Yay.




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3 Responses

  1. I love your haircut. Can you give me details on it so that I could take it to a hairdresser and give it a try for myself? Thanks!

  2. Hi Iris! Sorry for the delay. My cut is a little bit of an accident, actually! The overall length is just past my collarbones and it’s pretty heavily layered with my shortest layers above chin length. I have wide cut fringe that is blended down into my layers. I hope this helps!

  3. Thanks! I’ll let my hairdresser know. :)

  4. […] your hair.” The product itself is a liquid that is applied with a foam applicator tip to create vibrant colored highlights, panels, dipped ends, etc. The color typically washes out in a couple […]

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