Glam Hollywood Hair Tutorial

Thursday, January 15, 2015
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It's award show season and if this past Sunday's Golden Globes were any indication, classic glam hair is still a go-to choice for Hollywood elite. While the style is reminiscent of old Hollywood, there are some modern tweaks. In general, curls are a bit looser and the overall look is a tad less fussy. Best of all, gone are the days of sitting under a dryer for hours waiting for finger waves and pin curls to set, as similar feel can be easily created with a curling iron.

If you are curious how this gorgeous hairDO (see what I did there?) is created, wonder no longer. It's actually pretty simple and would be fun to wear at an Oscars party or formal event. Want to look like a movie star? Well, heat up you curling iron and let's get red carpet ready.

The step-by-step Hollywood hair tutorial is after the jump.

Hollywood Hair Tutorial

For this hairstyle, you will need:
Hairspray (I used Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray)
A curling iron (I used a 1 1/2" professional iron but you may prefer a clamp iron and a smaller iron will work just fine though your curls will be a bit tighter)
A brush (I used my Sam Villa Paddle Brush but you may prefer a boar bristle grooming brush if your hair is very thick)

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1. Create a deep side part in your hair.

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2. Divide the hair into sections as follows, separating each section with a clip as you work:

  • Your fringe area should be one section whether or not you wear bangs.
  • Create two side sections from the part down to the ear.
  • Comb the rest of your hair back into it's natural fall position. Part it down the center and create vertical sections from the top of your head all the way down to your nape.

Before curling each section, comb or brush it smooth and spray with hairspray.

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3. On the part side, divide the section horizontally into two subsections. Curl the one on top back away from your face. Curl the one on the bottom forward toward your face.

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4. On the heavy side, you will create 3 horizontal subsections. Curl the top section forward, the center one back and the bottom one forward.

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5. For all remaining sections: divide each into 3 subsections and curl the top section back, the center forward and the bottom one back. Don't forget to switch directions when you switch from one side to the other.

6. Now, for your fringe section. If you do not wear bangs, or if they are long bangs, simply curl the entire section forward toward your forehead. If you do wear bangs like I do, you will want to curl the base of your fringe forward and then switch directions and curl the ends out slightly.

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7. To maintain the height and arch of that first flip, shape your fringe up away from your face and secure with a styling clip. Give it a all a good coat of hairspray and let it sit.

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8. After giving it some time (at least an hour), remove your clip. Use your fingers and a little hairspray to perfect the shape. If you don't have bangs, this front curl will look even better. Think Jessica Rabbit.

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9. Brush the remaining curls until the desired softness is achieved. If you want this too look more "old Hollywood" brush your curls a lot and use a boar bristle brush. I like the modern look of having more defined curls so I brushed mine out with a paddle brush.

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Get ready for your close up (even if it's just a selfie!)

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