Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review and Demo

Friday, February 6, 2015
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Smashbox consistantly wows me with their innovative cosmetics. One of my new faves is the Double Exposure Palette. The set contains 14 eyeshadows that transform when you add water. The unique coated pigments allow the shades to become deeper, more vibrant, more sparkly, or metallic when wet. Just like that, the shadows double to 28 gorgeous tones. As a bonus, the palette comes with a #SHAPEMATTERS insert to help you make the most of your eye shape and a trial size of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara.

To show you the full spectrum, I sampled them all on my arm with the with the wet version underneath the dry. Check it out:

smashbox-double-exposure (9 of 22)

This palette is crazy fun to work with and the possibilities are endless. I've been having a blast creating a variety of looks from understated and soft to dramatic and bold.



After the jump, I'll show you how to create this simple neutral  look with dark blue liner:

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Come on, let's go!

Soft Terracotta Smoky & Dark Blue Cat Eye

Who says you can't mix a smoky eye look with a cat eye? A winged liner looks best on my eye shape so I just go for it by keeping the eyeshadow colors soft and neutral. Here I've used some orange-y browns shades that contrast with the dark blue liner, making both colors pop.

For this look, I used:

Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer
Smashbox Double Exposure Palette
Eyeshadow brushes
Liner brush
Eyelash Curler
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara


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1. After priming my eyes, I used a large eyeshadow brush to apply the shade labeled "1" to my entire lid. I find that starting with a layer of neutral base color helps with blending better later on.

smashbox-double-exposure (11 of 22)

2. With a slightly smaller brush, I applied color "2" to just my lids, then wet the shadow and worked it into the crease from the outer edge to just beyond the center of my eye.

smashbox-double-exposure (13 of 22)

3. I used color number "3" to create a sideways "V" shape at each outer corner. Use a clean blender brush in soft, tiny circular motions to until your shadows are softly blended.

smashbox-double-exposure (14 of 22)

4. Dip a liner brush in water, swirl it around in "3," and use it to accent your lower lash line.

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5. Dab a small amount of "4" onto the center of your lids for a little highlight, creating dimension.

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6. Next we are going to use a dampened liner brush and shadow "5" to line your upper lids. Start by tightlining along the lash line. Tightlining is just using a liner in your lash line to make your lashes look thicker and fuller. Dab the color right along the top edge of your lid between the lashes.

smashbox-double-exposure (18 of 22)

7. Now draw a line up at the outer edge, following the curve of your lower lid. The longer the line, the more dramatic the cat eye will be.

smashbox-double-exposure (20 of 22)

8. Fill in the shape from the top edge of that line to the inner corner of your eye.

smashbox-double-exposure (19 of 22)

9. Curl your lashes and add a layer or two of mascara.

smashbox-double-exposure (21 of 22)

The Double Exposure Palette with Full Exposure Mascara is available at Smashbox $52

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