DIY Flower Hair Pin Tutorial

Thursday, February 12, 2015
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This month, I showed you 10 ways to repurpose everyday items into hair accessories over on Babble. One way is to add small found items to bobby pins with a little jewelry glue. I made these with a couple earrings that had lost their partner:

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I had so much fun with that simple DIY that it sparked my interest in making more decorative pins with other materials. Embellished bobby pins are incredibly versatile and an easy way to dress up a hairstyle. Crafting them yourself makes each pin unique and special.

In this post, I'll show you how to transform a dollar store flower into a gorgeous hair accessory. It's a very quick and inexpensive project that's a bit addictive. Once you learn how it's done, you can used the same method to add any fabric accent you like to either bobby pins or clips.

The step-by-step tutorial is after the jump.

DIY Flower Hair Pins

For this project, you will need:

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Fabric flowers (I found mine at the dollar store)
Scraps of felt
Hot glue gun
Bobby pins (I used Scunci No Slip Grip Bobby Pins)


1. Pop a flower off it's stem and then carefully pull off the plastic base.

DIY-flower-hair-pin (6 of 25)

2. Use a hot glue gun around the base to secure the petals together.


3. While that's cooling, cut a small circle from a piece of felt. Snip two slits in the center and slide it onto your bobby pin.

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3. Now that the glue has set, cut off the remaining stem.

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4. Removing the backing left my flower a little floppy. I used small dots of hot glue to secure the outer petals to each other at the base of the flower.

DIY-flower-hair-pin (14 of 25)

5. Apply hot glue to the felt.

DIY-flower-hair-pin (15 of 25)

6. Press it on to the back of the flower, in the center.

DIY-flower-hair-pin (16 of 25)

Pretty, right?

DIY-flower-hair-pin (17 of 25)

Use this technique to add other fabric embellishments to pins. I found these mini heart patches at a yard sale!

DIY-flower-hair-pin (18 of 25)

DIY-flower-hair-pin (23 of 25)

DIY-flower-hair-pin (22 of 25)


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