Rope Braid Wrapped Faux Pony

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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This hairstyle brings together two of my favorite looks: the rope braid and the side ponytail. I find that unless your hair is pretty long, a traditional side ponytail can look a little funny. The band causes shorter lengths to pop out away from the head because the ponytail lacks the weight needed to hang properly. In this version, I've created the illusion of a ponytail without tying it with a hair elastic. Instead, a rope braid is wrapped around the hair on one side and pinned in place.

Perfect for second day hair, it's looks really pretty when it's styled a little messy and imperfect. It's quick to create, making it a perfect go-to style when you want to add a little something special to your ponytail.

The step-by-step tutorial is after the jump.

Rope Braid Wrapped Faux Pony

For this style, you will need:

Pomade, wax, or styling cream (I used Lanza Healing Style Sculpt Dry Clay)
Small hair band
Bobby pins
Optional: decorative hair pin or clip (I used a DIY hair pin)

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1. Start by running styling product through your hair. This is an important step that should not be skipped. Adding a pomade, wax, or styling cream to your hair will make it a whole lot less slippery and much easier to work with.

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2. Grab a small section from one front side, just above your ear and divide it into two equal sections.

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3. Twist both section upward.

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4. Cross the top section over the bottom section.

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5. Pick up a small amount of hair from both sides and add it to the existing sections.

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6. Twist and cross again.

rope-braid-wrapped-pony (7 of 16)

7. Keep repeating this: add hair to both sections, twist, cross. Note that you should be angling the braid down closer to your nape. You'll be working diagonally down toward your opposite nape so as you work the sections you add from the top will become longer while the sections you take at your hairline will remain more or less consistent.

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8. When you reach the far side of your nape, stop incorporating hair and just twist and cross the remainder to complete the rope braid. Tie off with a small hair band.

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9. Fold the tail of your rope braid under the hair you left loose and secure in place with bobby pins.

rope-braid-wrapped-faux-pony-2 (3 of 6)



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10. Add a hair accessory, if desired.

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