Voloom Volumizing Iron Delivers Mega Volume

Friday, March 13, 2015
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If you hair is straight and fine like mine, you may be suffering from flathead. Forcing volume into hair that naturally falls limp is difficult, time consuming, and not usually long lasting. Round brushing and volumizing products can only help so much and teasing not only tends to fall over time but is pretty damaging to delicate, fine hair.

I recently discovered Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron and WOW, does it work! The iron face has a waffle-like surface of alternating raised squares. Just press the iron near your roots underneath your part for a second or two to imprint the textured pattern. The plates build a volumized structure for the top layer to rest on. It's incredibly fast and easy to use and the volume is set until you shampoo. Products are optional but I would recommend applying something with heat protection prior to using Voloom. Just be sure that your hair is completely dry before using this or any other iron.

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The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is equipped with a temperature control so you can set the proper amount of heat for your hair texture and type. It also comes with a sectioning and teasing brush, clips, and a storage sleeve. Since you only iron a portion of your hair at your scalp, where hair is the heartiest, it may cause less damage than your current styling routine. It's also great for creating lasting updos and styles that call for a little height.

Check out the step-by-step how-to after the jump.

How to Achieve Mega Volume with Voloom

For this tutorial, you will need:

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron
Heat protection spray (optional)
Sectioning comb or brush

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This is what my hair looks like after I've slept on it. Pretty lifeless, huh? I prepped my hair with a heat protection spray but this is optional.

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1. Section away the top layer of your hair on one side of your part and clip it out of the way.

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2. Take another thin section parallel to the first and hold it straight out from your head.

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3. Clamp the iron down close to the scalp for just a second or two.

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4. Depending on how much volume you want, you can optionally move the iron down the strand and clamp it again as long as your top layers are long enough to cover the area you iron. You can also clip that section out of the way and repeat with a second or third section.

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5. Release your clip and place the top layer over the side you just volumized. Whoa! Check out the difference.

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6. Repeat on the other side.

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Use Voloom to create retro-inspired styles that last all day and night!

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is available at Voloom $129.99

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