DIY Geometric Tassel Necklace

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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This necklace combines three trends I love: geometric shapes, tassels, and mixed materials. Best of all, this fun piece of jewelry only cost a few dollars to make. The beads are only $2 at Joann Fabrics and I upcycled an old broken necklace to create the tassel.

You can use just about any chain to create the tassel as long as the links can be pried open. You can try poking around thrifts shops for a chain to use or pick up some inexpensive chain lengths from a craft or jewelry supply store. The same is true for the necklace chain that you'll use to hang your cool creation. I repurposed a long chain I picked up a while ago at a gemstone shop.

DIY Geometric Tassel Necklace

For this project, you will need:
An old chain necklace or lengths of chain
Large geometric bead (I used Blue Moon Beads Painted Wood Polygon)
Jump ring (I used Blue Moon Findings Oval Gold Jump Rings)
Needle nose pliers
Necklace (Chain, leather, cord... whatever you want)

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1. If you are using a found or thrifted chain to create your tassel, start by prying open some of the links to separate lengths of chain. You'll notice that my chain had some decorative longer thingies in there so I just separated the chains at those points. I used needle nose pliers to widen the opening to separate them. If you are using purchased lengths of chain, you can do the same to adjust the length of each strand or just cut off the excess with a wire cutter.

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2. You'll want to eventually have several lengths of chain, leaving the jump ring on one.

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3. Attach each length of chain to the ring by pushing the ring through the opening in the link on either end. Use your pliers again to close the link. Repeat until all the lengths of chain are attached to one jump ring. Don't forget to also close the chain links on the bottom of each length! (I later decided I wanted my tassel to be longer, so I pieced more chain onto the existing lengths the same way: Open link with pliers, slide through other link, use pliers to close.)geometric-tassel-necklace (5 of 15)

4. Now your tassel is complete! Take one of the chain lengths and feed it through the bead.

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5. Attach a larger jump ring to this end and remove any excess chain with your pliers or a wire cutter.

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6. Feed your necklace through the larger jump ring and your done!

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