Half-French Braided Half Up

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
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half-french-braided-half-up (12 of 12)

The braid trend is still in full force and I could not be happier. I've loved to braid since I was a tween. I have great memories of my friends and I braiding each other's hair on the schoolyard, at slumber parties, and on the bus to field hockey games.

Another popular trend is the half up hairstyle. I can admit that it took a little time for me to warm up to this trend. I'm not sure why but I associate the 'do with preppiness, a vibe that just isn't me. But as I experiment more with the style, the more I like the look. A half up combines the best of both worlds - it gets your hair off your face while still enjoying some hair that is down. And there are endless ways to tie or pin back a portion of your hair for a variety of "vibes."

This hairstyle is casual and bohemian, perfect for a summer festival or backyard barbeque. I'm sure I'll be adding this half up to my list of go-to styles. You want to try it, right? The step-by-step tutorial is below.

Half-French Braided Half Up

For this hairstyle, you will need:
Styling product (anything that adds a little grip will do: texturizing spray, pomade, wax, dry shampoo)
Comb for sectioning
Small hair bands
Bobby pins

half-french-braided-half-up-part (1 of 1)

1. After adding some product to your hair, part it down the center and clip one side out of the way.

half-french-braided-half-up (1 of 12)

2. Working with the side you left loose, pick up a section in the front at your forehead (or just behind your bangs if you have them.) As you can see, I've left some of the hair above my ear down.

half-french-braided-half-up (2 of 12)

3. Divide the section into 3 equal subsections.

half-french-braided-half-up (3 of 12)

4. Now you will braid this section, incorporating hair from your center part to the top piece only. Do NOT incorporate hair on the bottom, creating a half-French braid.

half-french-braided-half-up (4 of 12)

5. Continue your half-French braid, working at a downward diagonal until you reach the center. Finish braiding the section with the remaining 3 strands without incorporating any hair and tie the ends off with a small hair band.

half-french-braided-half-up (5 of 12)

6. Repeat on the other side.

half-french-braided-half-up (11 of 12)

7. Use bobby pins to join the two loose braids and re-tie the ends together with one hair band.

half-french-braided-half-up (6 of 12) half-french-braided-half-up (7 of 12) half-french-braided-half-up (8 of 12) half-french-braided-half-up (10 of 12) half-french-braided-half-up (12 of 12)

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