Longer, Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Hair

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

My hair has become a lot thinner and finer in recent years. Since shorter hair tends to look fuller, I chopped off a bit of length back in January of this year. As much as I love the lob haircut, I always like to change things up. Besides, I really missed the variety of styling options that longer locks afford.

Now that I’m growing my hair longer again, I want it to happen overnight. I also want it to come back in as thick and full as it was in my 20s. While neither of these miracles is likely to occur, there are some measures you can take to stimulate growth, prevent breakage, and keep hair healthy and strong. I share the products that I’ve been using (and loving) below along with some helpful tips.

Products for longer, stronger, thicker, fuller hair:

Longer, Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Hair

1. Hair La Vie Dietary Supplement $39
Good nutrition is essential the health of your entire body including your hair. These all-natural vitamins supplement your diet with 20 ingredients clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. Its proprietary active ingredient blend includes 5000mcg of biotin, a B vitamin that produces keratin, the protein found in hair strands. I’ve been taking it regularly for over a month and have noticed a difference in both my hair and nails.

2. White Sands The Cure 24/7 $29.99
I color and bleach my hair, which is problematic for someone seeking longer hair. There is no doubt that permanent hair color and lightening treatments compromise hair’s strength and can lead to split ends and/or breakage. But I like it lighter and I’m not likely to stop coloring it anytime soon. I’ve been using The Cure 24/7 on my ends and I love the results. The product utilizes a scientific process called Cellular Bridging and orchid flower extract to fill in the “cracks” in the outer layer of the hair strand while restoring moisture. As a result, hair looks stronger and smoother immediately and results last for up to one week. It’s like a blur cream for your hair!

3. Redken Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo $20
Redken’s shampoo for thinning hair leaves my scalp feeling tingly and clean. The formula includes ceramides to strengthen existing hair fibers and menthol to remove follicle-clogging sebum without striping hair. In fact, it’s safe to use on color and chemical treated locks. Yay!

4. up & up Minoxodil Hair Regrowth for Women $19.79
If you are experiencing thinning, and are serious about stopping further hair loss, you may want to give minoxodil a try. It is the only FDA-approved topical treatment for thinning hair and it is now available over-the-counter. This is great news for consumers because most major mass retailers and drug stores carry their own generic line at a fraction of the price of name brand pharmaceutical offerings.

Additional tips:

If you tend to lighten your hair often or more than a few shades lighter, ask your stylist about Olaplex. When added to lightening agents, it actually reconnects broken bonds to counter the damage.

Get regular trims. It seems counter-intuitive, but trimming off fragile ends prevents hair from splitting and breaking, allowing you to achieve longer lengths more quickly.

Never pull out gray hairs. Removing hair from the root can cause damage to the follicle, causing hair to grow back finer or worse, not at all.

Do your best to keep heat styling to a minimum. Here are three great ways to create waves without heat.

Avoid tight ponytails and updos to avoid breakage.

Hair is especially weak when it’s wet so use your towel to gently squeeze out excess water post shower instead of roughing it up. Try a microfiber hair wrap as a more gentle way to speed drying.

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