Simple Fabric Flower Hair Accessory

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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Adding a pretty hair accessory is a super easy way to dress up just about any hairstyle. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a cute fabric flower that can be affixed to a barrette, headband, clip, or hair elastic. They are really quick to sew and glue together so it's a perfect last minute craft for back to school. You can even attach one to a pin backing for an adorable way to embellish a cardigan, jacket, hat, or kid's backpack.

In this tutorial, I show you how to make the flower and attach it to a hair elastic. The technique is similar for a barrette, clip, or pin, but I recommend sewing them onto the felt backing. Then you can use hot glue or a needle and thread to attach the felt (with barrette or clip attached) to the back of the flower. Check out this hair bow how-to to see examples of good barrettes and clips to use.

Simple Fabric Flower Hair Accessory

For this craft, you will need:
fabric (scraps or a fat quarter will do)
fabric shears
iron & ironing board
thread in a coordinating color
small bits of fleece or felt
hot glue gun
hair elastic

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1. Fold your fabric to make 5-8 layers of fabric (depending on how many petals you prefer) and use something round to trace a circle on the top layer. A pint glass works well - use the wide end for a larger flower or the small end for a smaller flower.

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2. Cut out the circles using fabric shears.

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3. Now you'll need to fold each circle in half and iron, then fold and iron again to create quarter-rounds.

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4. Thread your needle with coordinating thread and knot it, leaving a long tail.

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5. Create a running stitch along the unfinished edge of your first petal and pull to tighten into a petal shape.

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6. Continue with the second petal, sewing it on to the same thread.

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7. Keep going until you have added all your petals. I like a nice, full flower and I have plenty of this pink fabric so I added 8 petals total.

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8. Push all the petals together and then tie the two ends of the thread together as tightly as possible. Trim off the excess thread.

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9. For the center, cut a small star shape out of a piece of felt or fleece. You can eyeball this, or draw a star on a piece of paper as I have done to create a little template.

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10. For the back of the flower, cut a small circle out of a scrap of felt or fleece. I used a quarter as my guide.

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11. Gather up all your pieces and heat up a hot glue gun.

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12. Use hot glue to attach the backing to your hair elastic.

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13. Then glue the fleece, with the attached hair tie, to the back of the flower.

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14. Flip it over and glue the star to the center. And you're done!

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hair-flower-tie-pony (2 of 2)I made one for my little girl, too...

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